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Ferguson protesters flip police car outside city hall

A group of demonstrators smash and overturn a police car outside of Ferguson City Hall.
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Ferguson protesters flip police car outside city hall

Title: Ferguson protesters flip police car outside city hall

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Added on: January 11th, 2015

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26 Responses to “Ferguson protesters flip police car outside city hall”

  1. Obama Da Clown says:

    Change the title to “Ferguson protesters FAIL to flip police car outside
    city hall’

    Also, put it under the category: Comedy.

  2. Ricardo Solís says:


  3. Steve W says:

    All this over a felon thug who robbed a store?

  4. the82spartans says:

    When you have a new puppy, the first thing you do is potty train so it
    won’t take a dump inside your home.

    What is needed in Ferguson is some very intense potty training.

  5. Soulskool502 says:

    I bet that little bastard Darren Wilson wished he called in sick the day he
    shot Michael brown! now this shit gonna haunt his cracker ass the rest of
    his life!

  6. Daniel Hursey says:

    lmaooooooooooo where the national guard get um 

  7. TheNova1960 says:

    When that community finally realizes that Dorian Johnson lied about Michael
    Brown holding both hands up in the air to surrender I wonder if they will
    burn the other half of their city down? 

  8. Brian Austin says:

    Talk about injustice, I see a lot of criminals, thieves and thugs that will
    probably not be held accountable for their crime. I think the whole mike
    brown thing was wrong, and wilson was wrong. But this? Fucking animals. 

  9. Hamad Oman says:

    AIPAC’s disciples and their police are playing with fire.
    You can not get away with your crimes if you kill unarmed people.
    When people outrage, nothing can stand in their way.
    Most big malls are owned by the elites who are controlling US and its
    judicial system.

  10. Plethrin says:

    people need to stop being ignorant, the court knows more about the case
    then any of these people so there decision needs to be respected, there is
    allot of racism that happens with police but not every minority a officer
    kills is because they racist

  11. badgyrl310 says:

    All this media talk about a “violent” protest is bullshit. A police car on
    fire is not “violence”. It’s destruction of property, but not violence.
    Violence is done to people, not property. The media is always using these
    code words to set the narrative they want to present for their own agenda.

  12. Miles Long says:


  13. Parker Family says:

    Destroy our own city that you paid for with your tax dollars to show the
    man!! Never mind, these morons probably dont even have jobs. ~Richard

  14. Александр Ш says:

    Obama was glad unrest on the maidan. Mr why this does not rejoice in
    America? Obama Get out!

  15. gusdahlehhater says:

    BREAKING NEWS! The only two buildings left standing in Ferguson are the
    KFC and the Welfare office! BREAKING NEWS!

  16. Omniscient News says:

    It’s the “Planet of the Apes” Black Friday Early Bird Blowout Sale! If you
    don’t like the price then just take it!

  17. Marshall Mellow says:

    Michael Brown got off too easy! Hurray for our hero, Officer Wilson!!
    (Note: wherever blacks go in the world, they cause trouble. They’ve never
    contributed a thing to civilization, or the world).

  18. Jeremy Parsons says:

    strange. no police or security at the city hall building. this is a
    set up. the police are waiting for things to escalate before coming in
    full force. as they know they will need lots of proof for that kind of
    action. so things must get way worse. dam. sucks to live in ferguson

  19. Chris Houston says:

    Obama’s Commiecats at work here.

  20. Bob Belcher says:

    This guy sounds drunk haha

  21. Miniwafflepig says:

    No, this isn’t right… You don’t flip over police cars u
    dumbfucks…Micheal Browns dad even said not to cause violence and
    destruction. Plus do you think that mlk would have liked what you have
    done? No. He’s also African American right? He said to protest peacefully.
    Your making our country look terrible! Just get over it ass wipes..

  22. Exascale says:

    This shit looks like planet of the apes

  23. Mubarak .S says:

    because the white who pay taxes in this city so this car has no value for
    i’m not white but fuck the utopia going on these days , no one tell the

  24. natezgreat4222 says:

    Stupid welfare fucks. 

  25. Andrew Wang says:

    They tried to turn over the police car to demonstrate their hatred of
    police brutality. Nuff said.

  26. says: